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Uproot Food Frequently Asked Questions

Why Uproot Food?

We want to help the animals, the planet and of course your health! Our products start with a vegetable base. You won’t see strange proteins and fillers or preservatives in our foods. All you can find are wholesome, natural ingredients that taste fantastic.

Can I order your product online?

Yes!  We sell our delicious plant-based salmon online.


Buy Smoked Not Salmon online.

Where can I buy your products?

Buy Smoked Not Salmon at stockists around Australia. We aim to bring our products to everyone looking for a healthy, sustainable alternative to meat and fish.
If you know a chef, restaurant, café or business that would be the perfect fit for our product, get in touch with us or tell them why you love Uproot Food. We’re always happy
to talk with people who share our passions.

Does your product contain allergens?

I have a restaurant or café and would like to serve your vegan smoked salmon. How can I get in contact with you?

Smoked Not Salmon tastes so good in sushi, on a bagel, or in a taco. Is your mouth watering yet? We bet your customers would love to try our food too. To bring our delicious flavours to your café or restaurant, contact us via our contact page.

Can pregnant women eat our product?

Our products contain natural ingredients that are great for everybody.

None of our foods include heavy metals or toxic substances.

To be sure, check our ingredient list. Our products are gluten, soy, and allergen-free.

Are the raw materials organic?

Our Smoked Not Salmon product contains organic sunflower oil, apple cider vinegar, and kelp. To help keep costs down and make our products affordable, we use non-organic carrots. This may change in the future. Smoked Not Salmon also contains salt, which is a mineral. As salt isn’t a product of agriculture, it can’t be certified as organic.

Are your products healthy?

Absolutely! Our Smoked Not Salmon contains the goodness of carrots, organic sunflower oil, apple cider vinegar and kelp. The product is fortified with Omega-3 rich flaxseed oil and we use natural smoke flavour. In the smoking process, a filter is used which means our food is healthier than food smoked over a live fire. 

Can you freeze Smoked Not Salmon?

You can keep Smoked Not Salmon in the freezer for up to three months. After you open our product, you should consume it within five days.

I love what you are doing, I would like to work with you?

We are a young startup, but we are growing. If you have the right skills, a great attitude and share our passions, please, contact us.

Is the packaging recyclable?

The outer cardboard packaging is recyclable. Unfortunately, the inner board is not recyclable. Without this board, we can’t pack our product with care and precision. However, the vacuum packet is suitable for in-store recycling. We are always looking for more sustainable solutions to minimise or avoid using plastic.

Which products are coming next?

We're always investigating our next healthy, vegan product. As soon as we cook up something new and delicious in the kitchen, we will let our loyal UpRoot Food family know.

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