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About Uproot Food

Uproot Food was created by husband and wife team Nathan and Livia. Nathan, a chef and restaurant owner with experience in kitchens across Australia and Europe, and Livia, a wildlife biologist, combined their  love of animals and their enjoyment of wholesome plant-based food and got  inspired to create  Uproot Food. Their first product Smoked Not Salmon is Australia's first vegan salmon made from carrots!

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The UpRoot Food Philosophy

Attitudes to the types of foods we eat are changing. So many people are looking for healthier ways to eat that are good for their health and gentle on our fragile planet. Food trends come and go. But, the movement away from eating meat and fish and towards choosing plant-based food is growing every day.

We love vegetables! We create all our foods using vegetable based alternatives to fish and meat products. All our ingredients are natural and, when possible, organic.

Uproot Food creates food that is bursting with mouth-watering flavour, food that is good for you and good for the Earth.


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